Introducing Horizon Original Vinyl Model Kits

Horizon Original had produced collectable figures between 1987 through 2003.

Those collectable figures were designed and made based upon Hollywood movies and American Comic Heroes.

These original sculptures were created by professional artists who works for special effect teams in the Hollywood movie industries.

We had well communicate and exchanged the ideas between the artists and Horizon in order to create the figures should kept human anatomy but still represent the character’s personality.

We had produced over hundred of collections during our business term. We wish our collections brings you Joy, excitement and satisfaction.

This web site published information of Horizon Original Figures  and the history toward to the collectors.

Horizon Original Vinyl Model Kits Released History 1987~2003


Released Products

Universal Monsters

The Phantom of the Opera 1/6scale

Dracula 1/6 scale

Bride of Frankenstein 1/6scale

The Mole People 1/6 scale

The Invisible Man 1/6 scale

Obtained License

Universal Studio Classic Monsters


Released Products

Marvel Comic

Spiderman 1/6 scale

The Punisher 1/6 scale

The Silver Surfer 1/6 scale

The Iron-man 1/6 scale

Obtained License

Marvel Comic


Released Products

Orion Picture

Robo Cop 1/6 Scale

ED-209 1/9 Scale

Warner Brothers

BATMAN in First MOVIE 1/6 scale

obtained Licenses

Orion Picture. / Warner Brothers.


Released Products

Marvel Comic

Captain America 1/6 scale

Walverin 1/6 scale

Obtained License


Released Products

Carolco Pictures

Terminater 2 T-800 1/6 scale

Terminator T-1000 1/6 scale

T-800 Endoskeleton 1/6 Scale

Orion Pictures

Robocop-3 w/ Jet-pack 1/6 scale

Marvel Comic

Dark Phoenix 1/6 Scale

The Thing 1/6 Scale

Dr. Doom 1/6 Scale

Obtained Licenses

Carolco Picture / Orion Picture / Renewed Marvel Comic License


Released Products

Jurassic Park

Rex (Tyrannosaurs Rex) 1/16 Scale

Raptor (Velociraptor) 1/5 Scale

Spitter (Dilophosaur) 1/4 Scale

Brachiosaurus 1/19 Scale

Batman Return

Batman (Mikel Keaton likeness) 1/6 Scale

Cat Woman (Michell Pfeiffer likeness) 1/6 Scale

Penguin ( Dannie De Vito likeness) 1/6 Scale

Braham Stoker Dracula

Dracula in Armer type 1/6 Scale

Bat Type 1/6 Scale

Wolf Type 1/6 Scale

Fasa Corp

Mechanical Armer MADCAT 1/30 scale

Marvel Comic

Venom 1/6 Scale

Horizon Original Paints & Tutorial Video

48 water-based Acrylic Paints/ featuring 10 different flesh tone (under supervision of Thomas N. Gilliland)

Explorations in Painting “How to assemble and paint vinyl model kit” (Production by Timberwolf Production / Play and Performed by Tomas N. Gilliland)

Obtained licenses

Universal City Studio,/ Warner Brothers , /Columbia Pictures, / FASA Corp.


released Products

Marvel Comic

Gostrider 1/6 scale

Mighty Thor 1/6 scale

Cyclops 1/6 Scale

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones 1/6 Scale

Dr. Jones 1/6 Scale

Terminator 2

Aerial Hunter killer 1/35 Scale

Hunter Killer Tank 1/35 Scale

DC Comic

Joker 1/6 Scale

Toho Movie Co

Godzilla 1/200 Scale (Pre Assembled & Pre Painted)

Universal Monsters

Frankenstein 1/6 Scale

Wolf Man 1/6 Scale

The Mummy 1/6 Scale

The Gillman Creature from Black Lagoon 1/6 Scale

Original Dinosaure

Tyrannosaurus Rex 1/30 Scale

Stegosaurus 1/30 Scale

Obtained Licenses

Marvel Comics/Lucas Film /Carolco Pictures /Universal Studio /DC Comics / Toho Movies Co. /Horizon Dinosaurs


Released Products

Marvel Hero

New posed Spiderman 1/6 Scale

Carnage 1/6 Scale

Cable 1/6 Scale

Green Goblin 1/6

Star Gate ( Solid Model Series/made of resin)

Ra 1/6

Anubis 1/6 scale

Horus 1/6 Scale

DC Comic Heros

Superman 1/6 Scale

Steel 1/6 Scale

New Wolverine 1/6 Scale

Species (Solid Model kit)

SIL resin model kit (Sil designed by H.R.Giga)

Steve Wang Signature series

Wind Slasher 1/8 Scale (solid Model kit)

Obtained Licenses

Marvel Comic / Stargate (Columbia picture) / DC Comic / Species (MGM) / Steve Wang signature series


Released Products

Speed Racer

Mach 5 spead racer car 1/24 Scale (solid Model kit)

Speed Racer Pewter Figure and Logo Key-chain


Giganter-28 (Solid Model) Fully Articulated model after assembled

Gigator-28 Statute (pre-painted, Pre assembled)


Ultraman pewter figure series.

DC Comic Heros

Classic Batmobil 1/24 (solid model kit)

Batmobil 1980 version (solid model kit)

Bat Plain 1/24 Scale (Solid Model Kit)

Flash (solid Model kit) 1/6 Scale

Joker 1/6 Scale with Background base unit (solid model kit)


SIL Statuette 12″tall SIL designed by H.R.Giga

Steve Wang Signature


Obtained Liceses

DC Comic / Speed Racer / Spicies (MGM) /Hikari-Pro(Gigantor-28) / Tsuburaya-Pro (Ultraman) /Steve Wang signature


Released Products

DC Comic

Batman 1/8 scale

Robin 1/8 Scale

Catwoman 1/8 Scale

Original Diorama Base

Obtained Licenses


Released Products

DC comic 1/8scale

Mr. Freeze 1/8 Scale

Penguin 1/8 Scale

Two Face 1/8 Scale

Riddler 1/8 Scale

Bat Girl 1/8 Dcale

Joker on Throne 1/8 Scale

Batman Knight Quest 1/8 Scale Solid Modes only

Batman Knight End 1/8 Scale Solid Model only

Original Dinosaur Fossile collection

Rhamphorthynchus Size 11″ x 5″

Archaeopteryx Lithographica size 9″ x 8″

Pterodactylus Kochi (Juvenile) Size 7.5″ x 5″

Pterodctylus Kochi (Adult) Size 7″ x 9″

Archaeopteryx Lithographica with Feaather Size 9″ x 9″

Coelophysis Size 18″ x 8″

Obtained Licenses


Released Products

DC Comic

Poison Ivy 1/8 with base solid model only

Original Dinosaur Chris Darga collection

Baby T-Rex Life size Scale assembled size H9″ x W 17.5″ x 7.5″

Velociraptor assembled Size H 10″ x W 30″ x D 8″

Tyrannosaurus Rex assembled Size H 19″ x W 34″ x D 18″

Triceratops assembled Size H 11″ x W 30″ x W 10″

Styracosaurs assembled Size H 9″ x W 23″ x D 7″

Obtained Licenses

Special Thanks to All that supported this projects

on 2019 in Japan

In the Spring of 1975, I decided to move from my hometown in Tokyo, Japan to the vast lands of the United States. It was not a common thing at the time, but my 22 year old curiosity had me traveling across the Pacific Ocean leading to Los Angeles, California which I ended up living for the next 32 years. 

I went back to school for a couple years to learn English as second language. 

After getting out of school, I established my first business.

In 1981, I created a Japanese toy shop in downtown L.A. that went by the name, “PONY TOY GO -ROUND”. The store specialized in imported Japanese Toys and Hobby items related on Japanese animation such as Gundam plastic model kits and Japanese animation character toys and gift items. 

By 1986, we decided we want to produce our own brand of toys. 

I knocked on the door at The Universal Studio licensing office and succeeded to obtain our first product license! It was a very exciting moment for us. 

Ever since then, we have met and worked together with wonderful professional artists, sculptors, figure paint artist, photographers, who supported “Horizon Original Project” for over the decade.

Even till this day, I am unable to find the right words to express how much gratitude and appreciation I have for the amazing creative team and my personal team at Horizon, I have had the greatest pleasure of working with. Their cooperation and high quality performances is what made this project amazingly great worth. 

Thank you very much again to my fellow team. 

on 1996 in LA